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Air Service

Sky Courier

International export and import air service with 24-hour response capability.


Air Freight

Sky Cargo

Worldwide air freight within 24-72 hours.


Express and Weekly

Sky Terrestre

EXPRESSO: Daily ground departures to anywhere in Europe.
WEEKLY: Weekly ground departures.


Medicines / Hospital Products


Home deliveries of medicines/hospital products.

A wide offer for your deliveries

Personalized service

For a delivery with guaranteed satisfaction


Sky B2C Personalized

Delivery of any type of product, at the time indicated by you, with all the convenience, quality, and safety.

Sky B2C Food

Count on Skynet Portugal to deliver your food at home, with all the convenience, quality and safety.

Sky Noturno

With Skynet Portugal’s Sky Nocturne service you can receive your order conveniently at home with our nightly deliveries, at the time that is most convenient for you.

Separador - courier

Sky Expresso

Currently, express mail services are provided to all over the world. The activity is supported by reliable air operators and guarantees delivery of shipments within 24 hours in Portugal and major European cities.

Sky 10-13-18

Receive your order at home at the desired time with the Sky 10-13-18 service where we guarantee delivery by 10am, 1pm, or 6pm the next business day after pickup.

Logistics and Distribution

Present in the whole country, Skynet Portugal makes available nationwide personalized logistics and distribution solutions tailored to each client and their respective projects.

Separador - courier

Export and Import

Sky Courier

We provide an international export and import air service with 24-hour response capability in major European cities and also in the USA.

Daily departures to all of Europe

Sky Terrestre

We offer an Express service with daily departures to any part of Europe, guaranteeing shipments delivery in 24 hours in main European cities.
With own distribution facilities and means, Skynet Portugal operates in over 209 countries.

24-72h Worldwide Delivery

Sky Cargo

Supported by reliable air operators, through Skynet we provide air cargo delivery worldwide within 24-72 hours.

Present in over 209 countries

World’s largest private network

Skynet is supported by reliable air carriers or by its own means, and guarantees delivery of shipments within 24 hours to major European and US cities, and 72 hours to more distant countries.

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