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Delivery Express

How did it start?


SkyNet Worldwide Express launched its first services in the United States in 1972

In 1976, it began operations in Latin America with Choice Air Courier being the first network with express service coverage in the entire region.

Through its rapid growth it expanded its operations to the rest of Europe.

In 1984, these companies organized themselves into a single worldwide network. Today, this network operates under the name SkyNet Worldwide Express.

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How do we operate?


Locally operated SkyNet Worldwide Express is a unique, international network made up of local courier companies operating under the exclusive SkyNet license.

It is through this license that they are able to achieve high quality standards in accordance with local characteristics, offering a reliable “door to door” service in over 209 countries.




One of the oldest courier companies in the world.



Reliable door-to-door service in more than 209 countries.



The national network has an operation of 300 vehicles.

Distribution Centers


16 distribution centers for maximized deliveries

Atividade Nacional

Presence in Portugal


SkyNet Worldwide in Portugal is dedicated to the international express transport, logistics and distribution business (B2B and B2C).

At the start of 2010 SkyNet Worldwide Express, one of the world’s largest express transport operators, began offering nationwide customized solutions tailored to each client and their respective projects.

It benefits intrinsically from a vast transport network for the daily and exclusive connections between its branches.

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How to maximize deliveries successfully?

National Network

› 300 vehicles in Portugal
› 16 distribution centers
› Own personnel, facilities and vehicles
› Centralized operations management
› Dedicated account manager

Full integration between logistics supply and distribution supply

› Logistical preparation cut-off to be agreed upon
› Availability of your shipments for capillary distribution throughout the country the next morning
› D+1 for distribution of all logistical production

Infinite Possibilities

SkyNet Worldwide Express operational activities evolve around Innovation, Integrity, and Quality Service.

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Sky Correio Expresso

International export and import air service with 24-hour response capability.

Sky Cargo

Worldwide air freight within 24-72 hours.

Sky Terrestre

Express: daily European ground departures.
Weekly: Weekly ground departures.

The Partnership that Delivers